Who leads Calvary Chapel Wiesbaden?

The fellowship is led by Pastor Ron in cooperation with a team of elders. They are supported by two external Pastors. The leadership team presides over a range of areas of work and ministries, acting mainly independently with a lot of free room for autonomous decision making.


Do I need to become a member if I want to attend calvary chapel?

No, there is no official contract of membership. Everyone who sees Calvary Chapel Wiesbaden as their home church is a member and is part of the family. Of course the leadership team does carry a certain responsibility in representing the church. 


Are the sermons always in English?

Yes, most of the time. All the sermons are preached in both languages (English and German) because Calvary Chapel Wiesbaden is a very international fellowship. Although most people attending the service are bilingual, there are also very precious people that only understand German. On the other hand, we are also blessed by the presence of our American brothers and sisters that are deployed in Wiesbaden. Additionally, there are a lot of international brothers and sisters in our congregation that are not yet confident in their understanding of German. For that reason, the service is held in both languages.


What if I haven’t been baptised?

Then you are very welcome! We believe that a mature, reborn believer should be baptised and we call this the believer’s baptism. For this reason, we do not have infant baptisms but anyone who was baptised as a child does not need to be baptised again. Baptism is an individual person's step of obedience before God.



What does ‘Calvary Chapel’ mean?

Calvary is from the Latin word ‘calvariae’, in Hebrew ‘golgota’ which means skull. Golgotha is the hill on which Jesus was crucified. ‘Chapel’ comes from the word ‘capella’ which means a place of assembly.


Is there an umbrella organisation?

Churches that are part of the Calvary Chapel movement are non-denominational and are mainly their own boss. Small churches are often supported by larger ones. A list of the Calvary Chapels in Germany can be found here: www.calvarychapel.de.

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