Cordial invitation to the church service at Calvary Chapel. At our church service you can experience genuine, unforced intimacy with God. We begin Sunday morning at 10.30 am in the Dotzheimer Street 51. After a brief welcome, we praise God with our voices during the worship time. Then we devote ourselves to the Word of God and hear a sermon. Calvary Chapel teaches chapter by chapter through the entire scripture.

We want to bring God's message of the gospel and his love to as many people possible. After the service, there is always the opportunity to chat with others while enjoying coffee, tea and biscuits and get to know other people from the church in Wiesbaden.

In addition to the church services our focus lays particularly in our relationship to Jesus in everyday life. Christianity is not a marking off tasks on a list, but a loving relationship with our Creator. The Sunday services are intended to give impulse and equip you in faith for the week.

The sermons on Sunday morning are translated into English or German. Simultaneously to the service there are several classes for children, according to age there are 3 groups.

We look forward to your visit.

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