A very warm welcome to the Sunday service at Calvary Chapel Wiesbaden. Here you can enjoy genuine closeness to God. We start our service on Sunday morning at 10:30 in Dotzheimer Str. 51, although a group of people already meet at 10:00 to pray for the service (Flat on 2nd floor). After a short greeting we praise God through sung worship using contemporary music. We then turn to God’s word and hear a sermon that is preached in English and translated into German. We progressively teach through the Bible in an expository manner, going through the books of the Bible verse by verse and chapter by chapter. We believe that only then is it possible to ‘declare the whole counsel of God’, as Paul describes it in Acts 20:27. We see the whole Bible as the inspired word of God, making it the guiding principle for our lives. We celebrate communion together as a family on the last Sunday of the month.


Children's church

Running in parallel to the service, we have several groups of children’s church, designed for different age groups in which we go through the whole Bible bit by bit similarly to the adults. There is a room for our youngest members (0-2 years) with a comfortable sofa for breastfeeding mums and a changing table, where you can listen to the service. For the youth in the church, there is a teen’s service on the first Sunday every month where the teens go into a different room after the worship to hear a sermon specifically for them. 


After the Service

We would like to share the message of God’s Gospel and the love of God with as many people as possible. After the service we always have the possibility for fellowship and to pray together with coffee, tea and biscuits in our church coffeeshop, the 'Café wunderbar'.

Apart form the Sunday services, our focus is very much on the relationship we have with Jesus in our day to day lives. Being a Christian is not ticking off boxes on a list, but rather a love relationship with our creator. The Sunday morning services should help give inspiration and equip you for the week ahead, to draw closer to and resemble Jesus more and more.


We look forward to seeing you and are available to answer and questions or queries. Please use our contact details to get in touch with us.

Due to the fact that we are located very centrally in Wiesbaden, finding a parking space can be difficult. For that reason, we ask that you allow some time to find somewhere to park. If worst comes to worse there are parking spaces on the Elsässer Platz nearby.

Recent Video Sermons

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