Women were very important to Jesus! For His times it was scandalous to talk to women, touch them, allow them to follow Him and even support Him financially as Jesus did! After his resurrection he first appeared to a woman!

Jesus revolutionised the society in those times and through His teaching He gave women access to full spiritual life! He showed them the way to a fulfilled life. Similarly, in the 21st century, we women need Jesus to show us the right way.


We at Calvary Chapel Wiesbaden know that women work differently that something is need specifically for women apart from the normal Sunday service. For that reason, we have the ladies’ breakfast. Here we meet in a cosy group and let ourselves be spiritually and culinarily spoilt. In the style of the Calvary chapel movement we spend time in worship and in the word of God with the opportunity for personal conversations and prayer. All women are welcome to partake and to contribute something also to the food. The exact dates for the ladies’ breakfast can be found in the calendar, but generally we meet every third Saturday every two months at 10:00 in the sanctuary.


We also have two ladies’ homegroups. The ‘Salt and Light’ group meets every Monday at 19:00 and is lead by Uli Hostetler. They go through the Bible at their own speed, learning how to pass on the good news to others. They also pray together and keep each other accountable in learning bible verses off by heart. At 19:30 a further group meets, lead by Eva Kaufmann. Here we study a book of the bible together and discuss topics that are particularly relevant for women and how to live them in our lives. For more details, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Decreasing together is a meeting for women that follow Jesus and that desire that Jesus increases in them while they themselves decrease like in John 3,30 ‘He must increase, but I must decrease’. Exact dates and details can be found in the calendar.

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